Meal Options

Twin Lakes Dining

Meal Options are under negotiations and subject to change for 2018.

Twin Lakes is planning on wonderful, high quality meal options for our group in the Dining Hall. For those guests who have reserved lodging with kitchen facilities, you can prepare meals there.  Several lodging options do not have access to kitchen facilities and while you are welcome to have a cooler to your room, Twin Lakes is providing meals for purchase.  Please note that there are no ice machines available on campus.

All of the food options will have an ingredients list posted for those with food allergies or avoidances. The food will be Biblically clean and as much as possible, organic or raised well. Any food allergy concerns can be brought to the attention of The Rehearsal and passed onto Chef Anthony. There will be GF options available at breakfast and lunch.

You may purchase your meal plan when you obtain lodging with Twin Lakes. Please let them know which days you plan to eat, and which meals so Chef Anthony can plan appropriately. Please let Twin Lakes know your meal plan no later than one month before the feast. You will receive a print out at check in with Twin Lakes of the meals you have ordered. A list will also be posted each day in the Dining Hall of who has purchased meals as a reminder. You may purchase as many or few meals as you need.

Breakfast will be a continental offering including fruit, bread and / or pastry selection, coffee, beverages, cereal and other items to start off your day. It is served from 8:15 am - 8:45 am. Adults are $4 per person.  Ages 6-12 are $2.50.  Under 5 are free.

Lunch will include a full salad bar, rotating sandwich bar or hot dish option, beverages and dessert. The full salad bar will include many high quality, organic offerings. Please note that it will not be an “all you can eat” buffet. Adults are $7 per person.  Ages 6-12 are $3.50.  Under 5 are free.

The Fieldstone coffee shop will be able to serve you specialty coffee drinks during posted hours.  A self-serve coffee and hot chocolate station will also be available at $1.00 per cup.  We encourage you to bring a reusable mug.

Evening Community Meals

The Rehearsal and Twin Lakes has organized an outdoor kitchen for use for the Evening Community Meal. We would like to promote fellowship at the feast and one beautiful way is to share a meal. We are asking for help to put together an evening pot bless meal every night. We have a list of suggested themes but are open to any ideas that you may have. We will of course welcome any Biblically clean foods to the pot bless regardless of adherence to the theme. Extra bonus point blessings on those of you who label your food with it’s ingredients for those who have food allergies. We will have a section set aside specifically for GF items or other needed categories.  We will also send out more information for suggestions of what people could bring to the meals for each evening.

We will need families each night to help set up, organize the kitchen, and preparation of the meal, decorations (if desired) and clean up of the kitchen. Of course we will need everyone to help with bringing and sharing food and clearing of the space you used at the tables. Please bring your own “eatware” (plates, cups, utensils, napkins) as we do not have a plan to provide it. Please try to keep in mind our role as caretakers of this amazing planet with your choices of reusable rather than disposable “eatware” options.

We hope that each family volunteers for at least one night of service blessing the others in the camp with food and fellowship. Please go to the volunteer page to sign up as either a leader or a helper.  You may sign up for as many or few nights as desired.

Suggested theme for each night
Sunday, September 23 :Opening the Sabbath Welcome Snack - Dining Hall
Chili Night
Israeli Night
Asian Night
Hot Potato Bar
Italian Night
Taco Night
Crockpot Creations
Leftover Night

At this point in time the Outdoor Kitchen will only be open for use for the evening meal. If a person(s) is willing to organize other meals and facilitate a breakfast or lunch meal, from start to clean-up, please contact The Rehearsal. That option will be explored once we have enough volunteers to cover the Evening Community Meals. Individual families who desire to have a kitchen available to them need to obtain lodging with kitchen facilities - The Inn or North Twin lodge.