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We are working on our speaker lineup for 2019 and will be posting them below:

Judah Himango


Romans for the Practical Messianic


Paul's letter to Rome is perhaps the most influential letter ever written. It changed world governments, undermined evil empires, set a foundation for Western civilization. It gave hope to persecuted Jewish and Gentile believers in Rome.

But in this letter Paul makes seemingly anti-Torah statements like "You are not under law, but under grace", "you are saved by faith and not by works", "the just shall live by faith."

Is Paul saying we can disregard the Torah? Is he saying that only belief -- and not works -- matter to God?

Many interpretations of Romans start with a premise that Paul is an ex-Jew who changed his name and converted to the new religion. Sadly, this faulty premise has lead to anti-Torah interpretations and even anti-Semitism. In this talk, I start with a more Biblical premise: that Paul was writing Romans as a Torah observant, pro-Israel Messianic Jew who found Judaism's long awaited Messiah. This premise illuminates his statements on law, grace, and faith. It helps the practical Messianic believer glean the divine wisdom in this most remarkable letter.


Yeshua's Resurrection is Historical Fact. Here's How We Know and Why It Matters.


Yeshua's unexpected resurrection turned a band of hiding, defeated disciples into emboldened first-hand witnesses who proclaimed -- even in the face of persecution, torture and execution -- that Yeshua really did raise from the dead and that God has vindicated him as the Messiah.

In this talk, I examine the historical facts surrounding that fateful event 2000 years ago. I answer skeptics' objections to the gospel narratives of the resurrection. I show from evidence and history that the best explanation for that world-changing event is that Yeshua was in fact raised from the dead as a divine vindication of his messiahship, and as a sign and promise of the future resurrection of the whole world.


I'm proud to say I've known the Lord my whole life! I'm a 2nd generation Messianic believer from Minnesota, a Messianic congregation leader and musician. I'm the husband of my love for life, Kristin, and father to 3 super cool kids: Connor (19), Kess (10), Keira (1).

I work in technology and have used my skills for God's glory: I'm the creator of Chavah Messianic Radio (, which plays Messianic music from the 1970s to today, preserving the great legacy of original music from Messianic pioneers from Israel and the nations. I'm also the author of, which makes Messianic music chords and lyrics easily accessible and searchable.

The Rehearsal desires to provide messages that encourage and exhort the body to a greater relationship with our Heavenly Father.  While we believe that all of the selected speakers also share this goal, we do realize that not everyone has the same understanding of the scriptures.  The messages may not reflect the exact beliefs held by the board but may provide an opportunity for study and introspection. We ask that grace and mercy rule our conversations and questions while discussing various topics and ideas that may or may not agree with your understanding.

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