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More 2020 Instructors / Speakers will be posted as available.


Bryan and Valori Cadwell


Y’shua’s Youth: Topic TBD


Calling all 10-15 year-olds! Come join us for a series designed just for you!

We’ll be mixing fun activities with lively discussion.


Bryan and Valori Cadwell live, learn, work, and enjoy life to its fullest in their country home in Wisconsin.  Bryan is a self-employed automation engineer, and Valori loves homeschooling and teaching young people public speaking skills and tools for defending their faith.

Seth and Megan Cadwell


Children’s Program


Calling all 5-9 year-olds! Come join us for a series designed just for you!

We would love to have a place for children to call their own where they can encounter the Father’s presence and learn about His ways, all while having fun doing it! We are not strangers to children and the way they think and learn so we would like to provide the kids at the feast with a program full of music, dancing, crafts, life-lessons, prayer time and more to help them come to know God in a deeper way and leave the feast with more desire for Him and also with a few new friends to stay in touch with!

We will follow the theme of the feast Walk in Love. We want to impart truth to our own children (and others that we have the privilege of teaching) that God’s love is what changes us and helps us love others.


We are from Oxford, WI and have been married for 6 1/2 years. We have been walking with the Lord for quite a while before being together. I (Megan) came to know the Father at the young age of 5 during nap time in my grandma’s guest bedroom. 🙂 Seth has a similar story of walking with God from his young youth. We started seeking out the Hebraic roots of our faith early on in our marriage but Seth was celebrating the feasts with his family before we got together. We are so thankful for the legacy that others in the faith have set before us and we desire to do the same for the next generation.

Seth works from home primarily as a computer programmer for his Father’s company and Megan is a full-time homemaker. We have four children of our own ages 5, 3 , 2 and 4 months. We also own our own coffee roasting company called Blue Key Coffee that we would love to see take off enough to become full-time. We are so passionate about babies, children, health and wellness, home educating, intentional living and most of all our faith in Yahweh and salvation through His son Yeshua.

Shannon Campau


Dance Class (activity)


Calling all worshipers of the King to learn and participate in a two part dance class.  The first part of the class will cover the basics and move at a slower speed.  If you are an advanced dancer, you are welcome to come help demonstrate the steps with me.  The second part of the class will build on the first and include some faster songs.  Bring water, wear comfortable shoes and clothes and be willing to move!  You are welcome to come and observe or sit out for a dance or two if needed.

For more information on the dancing and intro videos, click here.


Timothy and Shannon Campau have been married since 1999 and have been exploring the Hebrew roots of their Christian faith since 2001. They reside in Michigan where they garden together, play a lot of volleyball, and are active in their fellowship and community. Timothy is a computer programmer by trade while Shannon is a Master Gardener, artist and teacher.

Shannon is the Worship dance leader at The Rehearsal. She has been dancing since her first Sukkot and became a dance leader shortly after. She is passionate about sharing this gift with others and dancing for His glory.

Also:  Young Adult Activity Leaders

Gary Dose


The Sounding of the Shofar


The Shofar is a biblical instrument, usually made from a ram’s horn, but sometimes from a goat, antelope or kudu. The Shofar is mentioned over 70 times in Scripture. It is used in announcing, warning, celebrations, and the coronation of kings. The ram’s horn represents the ram caught by its horns when Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac. Likewise, it represents Yeshua, our substitute and deliverer, the Horn of our Salvation. The sounding of the shofar calls Yahweh’s people to repentance, faith and devotion.

If you would like to use your shofar as a tool of worship during this feast, it will be helpful to come to this training session! Join us as we learn about the basics of the shofar, various calls and their functions, and shofar protocol. Bring your shofars along!


Gary and Shirley Dose have been married for 31 years and have been Torah pursuant for the last 10. They along with their children Shawna and Garrett operate a 4th generation family farm in western IA. Gary is a “jack of many trades but master of none” and is currently on a quest to return to the basics of life and how to operate a farm in a Torah friendly manner apart from the servitude of debt, GMO’s and employment. Shirley is an avid student of Torah and homemaker, gardener and Gary’s partner. She is the main hub for the small prison ministry the Dose’s operate. The Doses are part of a home fellowship group and are thankful to have local like-minded believers.


The Rehearsal desires to provide messages that encourage and exhort the body to a greater relationship with our Heavenly Father.  While we believe that all of the selected speakers also share this goal, we do realize that not everyone has the same understanding of the scriptures.  The messages may not reflect the exact beliefs held by the board but may provide an opportunity for study and introspection. We ask that grace and mercy rule our conversations and questions while discussing various topics and ideas that may or may not agree with your understanding.

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