Making Lulaveem - Dance

In Leviticus 23:40 it states: On the first day you are to take choice fruit, palm fronds, thick branches and river-willows, and celebrate in the presence of Adonai your God for seven days.  We call this bouquet a lulaveem.  Traditionally in Judaism, the four species of a lulaveem are a citron (a type of citrus fruit), along with three branches consisting of myrtle, willow and palm.

The second place in scripture where the idea of lulaveem is mentioned is in Nehemiah 8:15.  The list of “ingredients” found there (depending on translation) includes olive branches, wild olive branches, pine trees, myrtle branches, palm or date palm branches, and branches of mature trees or shade trees.  No mention of fruit is found in this passage but the variety of greenery suggests an idea rather than an exact recipe for the lulaveem.

At The Rehearsal we desire to celebrate with lulaveem and understanding that we are not in Israel and do not have access to the type of plants grown there, we are adapting our lulaveem bouquet to a North American version.  If you desire to have a traditional Israeli plant based lulaveem, you are more than welcome to purchase and bring your selection to Sukkot. We do have a connection with a person who sells them for $30 + shipping per lulaveem. If you are interested please use the contact form for more information.

In an effort to encourage everyone to participate in this instruction, we will have a North American lulaveem creating activity after opening the Sabbath.  Various “leafy” trees will be supplied along with a lemon.  You will be able to make a lulaveem.  They will be available to use during the worship service where it will be a part of the liturgy and dance.  Follow this link to the dance instructions.  Due to the messy nature of the lulaveems, we ask that all participants use them only on the dance floor to help facilitate an easy daily clean up.

Deuteronomy Reading

”and Mosheh commanded them this Torah before all Israel in their hearing, assemble the people, the men, the women, and your little ones and your sojourner who is within your gates, so that they learn to fear YHWH your Elohim and guard to do all the words of this Torah.”(edited Deut 31:10-12)
There will be a daily Deuteronomy reading in the morning. You are welcome to bring your Bible and join us as we read aloud through the book of Deuteronomy every morning. The passages will be assigned for each day and will be read in a round robin style by anyone who wishes to participate.  After the day’s passage has been completed, the remaining time will be open to discussion on the reading. We understand that people have different views and understandings of scripture and encourage everyone to share in love rather than dogmatically.

Prayer and Worship

A space will be available to use for a prayer room and to play worship music in. Let us cover our Sukkot with daily prayer. This room is not intended for socializing but for prayer, study and worship. Personal instruments can be brought. Times for prayer / worship sessions can be organized, please contact Shannon Campau if you would like to set something up.

Praise Pops

Join us during service with a quick praise and testimony to share that glorifies our King and encourages the body.  A quick, short testimony of what you are grateful for, a kindness you experienced, observations around camp or a scripture verse are all the types of things that would make an excellent praise pop.

 Campfire Connections

We are desiring to encourage people to congregate at a campfire for a time of fellowship after the evening activities. Hosts who have volunteered, will designate a campfire location and help organize the evening. There may be more than one organized campfire on the same evening if we have many volunteers. We also encourage people to bring camp chairs and appropriate clothing so you can comfortably participate in the Campfire Connection.


There will be an opportunity to participate in a Marketplace experience which will be open on a limited basis.  If you desire to bring items to sell or give away in this arena, please check the appropriate box on the registration page for coordinating your request.  If you would like to purchase items, please be aware that cash is most helpful in this transaction.  Credit cards and checks may not be accepted.  We will have space available for free materials to be set out.  Please use the website contact form if you would like to put something in the Marketplace.  Disclaimer: Due to the unknown content of vendors wares, not all contributions and ideologies may reflect the beliefs and understandings of the Board of The Rehearsal.  There is no fee for vendors but you may make a donation The Rehearsal to help cover costs. You are encouraged to bring your own table covering.

Sharing Table

We welcome you to bring items to share with the body. We will have several tables set up for you to set out gifts to be shared with whoever needs it. Please do not leave live animals, balloons, garbage, temperature sensitive food or literature. If you would like to offer free literature, please reference the marketplace information and contact The Rehearsal. If you have any questions as to what you would like to give away, please contact The Rehearsal.

Community Board

We will have a cork board available for you to post business cards, job offers or requests, items for sale and the email sharing list. This list of names and emails will be sent after to feast to all who have signed up.


"Who may ascend to the hill of the Lord?
And who may stand in His holy place?"
" He who has clean hands and a pure heart..." Ps. 24:3,4

At this appointed time, we are to be meeting with our King and Maker, time to tabernacle together. We want to be a holy and set-apart people. Holy and set-apart to YHWH. So if anyone is feeling the need for repentance, renewal, and rededication before coming into His presence. We will be offering a mikvah for this purpose.

We will be holding a mikvah at the lake shore Monday afternoon at 4:30 pm. Please bring the necessary attire and towel for the occasion . We ask that you be cognizant of what your wet clothing may reveal. A bathing suit under dark colored clothing is suggested. There will be supervision and assistance for those in need or just nervous. Let us start the week with clean hearts and hands.

Water Fun

Plan for a water event at the lake. We will have water craft available for use. A Twin Lake employee will be available to assist us for this afternoon. Please wear water appropriate clothing in case of dunking.

Open Praise and Worship Session

Do you have a desire for more praise and worship? Do you have a worship song you would like to sing or play? Join in for a wonderful time of praise and worship in Fireside for a couple of evenings during Sukkot. This time and place gives an opportunity for anyone to share a song or two in an open forum with others in the camp. Please be courteous and give each other the opportunity to share in this activity. If moved to, feel free to stay and worship as long as you would like.

Ladies' Time

We invite the ladies of the camp to join us for a time of encouragement, reflection, and fun. All married women (regardless of age) and single ladies 19 years of age and older are welcome to participate. The gentlemen of the camp will have a time of activities prepared for all of the children and young adults so that the mothers will be free to attend. If you have a nursing baby, please know that they are welcome.

Rock-wall Climb

During the Ladies’ Time we are planning a rock wall climbing activity in the gym for kids and young adults to participate in. 

Men's Time

Our Men's Night will be taking on a little different flavor this year in an effort for the men to get to know other men from outside their own groups, and nothing shouts Manliness more than a little friendly competition of "darts". (something safe and not too taxing) If you play darts and have a board and some darts, please bring them along. If not, don't worry we will have plenty.

You say, "I don't know how to play".   You are welcome too. The rules are simple and what guy isn't ready to share his knowledge of tossing the perfect dart.  So come for an evening of fun ,food, and fellowship, and get to know someone new. (minimal trash talking please)

Fun Show

Come one, come all to celebrate, laugh and praise our Heavenly Father for the gifts and talents He has poured out on His people. We invite you to come to Sukkot prepared to present something uplifting and good to share with the family. Songs, poems, dance, music, skits, jokes, and unusual talents are all welcome. We do ask that your offering be 5 minutes or less and that you be willing to preview your selection before a small panel for appropriateness for our family friendly audience. Sign-up on the volunteer page or at registration. For more information or any questions, please use the contact form found here.

S'more Fun after the Fun Show

Following the Fun Show we will have a S'more building campfire gathering. Please bring items to create your own masterpiece and to share. If you have food allergies, please plan accordingly. Master toaster and fire stewards help is requested and all children must be accompanied by an adult.