Welcome to The Rehearsal Sukkot volunteer information page and thank you for your willingness to serve! Many hands make light work and we are asking for your help in making our Rehearsal experience a blessed and joyful one.  The Rehearsal needs lots of help to make everything flow smoothly and we need you!  The Rehearsal does not charge an admission fee, but we do expect everyone to help out who is able.  Thanks for your help!

There are several areas of service we need done to run a clean, smooth and peaceful Sukkot. You are encouraged to sign up for what you are interested in doing as well as seek ways your family can serve together. Children are welcome to volunteer with their parents and young adults are strongly encouraged to explore leadership through service. Our Master Yeshua demonstrated his leadership through service when he washed the disciples’ feet.

Click here to sign up for service or community meal donations on our Online Volunteer Signup page.


Training Session Speaker
We have several training sessions that are available. If you would like to give a message at The Rehearsal, first please read our question and answer page detailing what topics we do not want promoted. If you feel your topic would be a blessing to others and abide by our code of conduct, please indicate your interest in the volunteer section on the registration form. You will also need to read the speaker information page and fill out a speaker form located here.