Meal Options

Breakfast and lunch is available through Twin Lakes dining at additional cost.  The evening meal is organized by The Rehearsal.

Twin Lakes Dining

Twin Lakes is offering a prepaid breakfast and lunch for our group in the dining facility. For those guests who have reserved lodging with kitchen facilities, you can prepare meals there. Several lodging options do not have access to kitchen facilities and while you are welcome to have a cooler to your room, you will not have a place to cook food. Please note that there are no ice machines available on campus.

The food will be Biblically clean per our request. Any food allergy concerns should be brought to the attention of Twin Lakes staff when pre-ordering your meals. There will be GF options available at breakfast and lunch if requested ahead of time.

You need to pre-purchase your meal plan with Twin Lakes. Please let them know which days you plan to eat, and which meals so Twin Lakes can plan appropriately. Please let Twin Lakes know your meal plan no later than two weeks before the feast. A list will be posted each day in the dining facility of who has purchased meals as a reminder. You may pre-purchase as many or few meals as you need.

Breakfast will be a pre-purchased continental offering including fruit, bread and / or pastry selection, coffee, beverages, cereal and other items to start off your day. See the schedule for serving times. Adults are $4.50 per person. Ages 6-12 are $3.  Ages 2-5 are $2.

Lunch will include a full salad bar, rotating sandwich bar or hot dish option, beverages and dessert. Please note that it will not be an “all you can eat” buffet and you are expected to go through the line only once. See the schedule for serving times. Adults are $8 per person. Ages 6-12 are $4. Ages 2-5 are $2.

The Fieldstone coffee shop will be able to serve you specialty coffee drinks during designated times.

Evening Community Meals

Community Meals will be organized and run by The Rehearsal volunteers.  Please click here for more information.

The Rehearsal