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Q? What should I bring to Sukkot?


  • Bible
  • Camp Chairs
  • Towels and Wash clothes.
  • Toiletries
  • Bug juice / spray
  • Clothes for a wide range of temperatures.  It may be warm during the day and very cold at night.
  • Reusable, cups, plates, utensils, coffee mugs, water bottles, and supplies.
  • Shofar(s)
  • Musical instruments
  • Games
  • Notebook and writing utensils
  • Flash light
  • Extra shoes or boots and socks

Q? What are some divisive topics that we should avoid or practice great care when discussing?


We are all rehearsing. This Sukkot feast site is called “The Rehearsal” for a reason, we do not claim to have it all “right” or have a perfect understanding of how it is to be done. We are simply doing the best we can with the wisdom and knowledge that we have. Accordingly, we assume that everyone here is also doing the same. What that rehearsing looks like from group to group and family to family can be very different. In our experience, debates about the following three topics have brought about hurt, dis-fellowship and anger towards others. That is not our goal here, nor do we want to allow this dissension to reign in the group. Divisive attitudes will not be tolerated. Please be cognizant to avoid a divisive attitude when discussing a topic, some of which are listed below.

Stumbling Stone 1: What’s with the name?

What you call your Creator is a private and personal belief. We only ask that whatever name you use for Him be reverent and respectful. At our feast site you may hear a variety of titles for the Heavenly Father, one being Yahweh or a variation on that theme used in place of LORD or God. For Jesus, Yeshua is often substituted. We do not claim to have the correct pronunciation or spelling of any title. If you are in the habit of using other titles, you are free to do so with the understanding that no one will be instructing another on the correctness of what is being said. When the Messiah returns, we will happily be instructed in how He would like to be addressed. In the meantime, love your brother, be patient with each other, and know that He hears our hearts and sees what we mean far better than we do.

Stumbling Stone 2: What day is it and are you sure?

Ah, the calendar… at last count, well we have lost count of all the ways one can keep track of time. Again we do not pretend to know the correct time, day and weather forecast for this feast while planning it a year in advance, nor do we apologize. Practical purposes such as rental contracts, scheduling and organizing a feast site have influenced the choosing of our particular calendar schedule. We ask for your grace with us and invite you to celebrate your feast in joy with us. You are welcome to observe your High days while you are with us if they fall differently. Again, our request is that you do not create dissension while you do so.

Stumbling Stone 3: How do you define God / the Godhead? How does Yeshua and Holy Spirit fit in?

How can we as created beings understand the nature of an all powerful, infinite, omnipresent, all knowing creator? We are like an ant trying to understand a human being. While we do believe that there is a Heavenly Father, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit, and are indebted to the work the Messiah has done, we can not fully understand God. We desire to not have divisive debates over an unsolvable question that has broken many relationships.

Lastly, we leave you with a scripture verse on our take of the questions about the nature of God and all the hurtful things that can be and have been said to each other over this issue.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9

Q? Will There Be a Market Place?


We will have a market place for the sale of items pertaining to Sukkot / Hebrew Roots. If you want to sell items, please contact us to make arrangements. Space and times will be limited. Hours for the market place will be specified on the schedule.  The market will be closed on the Sabbaths.

Q? What Food is Available During Sukkot?


Please visit our Meals Options page.

Q? How Can I Help?


Once you register for The Rehearsal please sign up for volunteer spots on your Attendee Registration Dashboard (Join Us).  Also, upon arrival, you may sign up to help fill any remaining spots.  Of course, please feel free to pitch in where ever you see a need.

Q? Who Will Be Speaking at the Feast?


Please visit the Speakers page.

Q? Can I Be Involved in the Dance?


Yes, there will be dance classes offered to teach the dances we will be dancing during the feast.  There will also be dancing during the main worship sessions.  For more information visit the dance page.

Q? What if I Cannot Attend the Full Event?


You are welcome to visit with us for however long you are able. Please register with us and indicate when you plan to arrive and leave. However, please understand that onsite accommodations are prioritized for those staying for a minimum of 6 days. Also note there is a Twin Lakes campus use fee for those staying offsite.

Q? Are There Rules I Need to Be Aware Of?


Yes there are. Please visit our Code of Conduct page.

Q? Do you offer assistance to help cover lodging costs?


If you have a need, we do have a scholarship fund available to help with the cost of lodging for your family. Please use the financial assistance request form to express your need and it will be reviewed by the board.  If you receive assistance from The Rehearsal we expect that you and your family will serve in some capacity.  If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund specifically, please let us know.

Q? What is your payment refund policy?


Refund Policy:
On or before: 07/17/2024 = full refund minus transaction fees. (approx. 3%)
Between 07/18/2024 and 09/15/2024 = 50% refund minus transaction fees. (approx. 3%)
On or after 09/16/2024 = no refund

NOTE:  You must contact The Rehearsal for any refund.

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